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Upcoming Events

anusara with alexis in la conner at crescent moon yoga studio

Anusara Back to Basics Class Every Friday 9 am to 10:15 Teacher: Stacie
Anusara All Level Classes every Saturday at 9 - 10:15 am  Teacher: Alexis 

$15 or punch card or unlimited for any 75 minute class 

Master Classes First Sunday of each month Teacher: Alexis

Next Master Classes: Sunday, August 7th   9 am to 11 am
Special Rate for this 2 hour class is $25 

NEW: 3rd Sunday of Every Month: Transitioning to Master Class. Want to move to Master Class? Come on the 3rd Sunday of the month and delve into some of the secrets of moving forward in your yoga practice

NEXT Transition Class:   July 17th, 9 - 11 am

Special rate for the 2 hour
Transitioning Class $25 

Anusara private sessions

Each private session is an opportunity to explore your asana practice at a deep level.

Often a minor adjustment will not only feel better but it will lead to a deeper opening. 

This is a great way to inspire your home practice or to begin one.

If you are looking for therapeutic postures and alignment for an injury or 

limitation this session will assist you to find your own postures that will met

your individual needs.

Private Session May be Booked by Calling my mobile number 832-309-4919

Each session is held in La Conner, WA

$80 per one hour session.

You may also book 2 people for $50 each for a one hour session


Anusara classes in your area

La Conner: Alexis   http://yogalaconner.com

Stacie  http://yogalaconner.com

Clear Lake: Anne Martin  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Anne-Martin-YogahOMe/112620532149244

Bellingham: Tara http://www.freedmanassociates.com/Counseling_Profile_TEE.html

You can find the yoga that is right for you. Try a new class, a new teacher, just go for it!

Support your local yoga studio!

About Alexis Britton

  • Nam rhoncus

    Alexis is a Certified Anusara Teacher currently living in the Pacific Northwest. With years of experience she will be sharing the art of Anusara Yoga by teaching workshops, retreats and private lessons.

    Anusara Yoga has found a place in the world because of the elegant principles of alignment that speak to each of us and the heart oriented practice that reminds us of the very special place each of us holds in this world. If you would like to discover more of the intricacies and excitement of this practice join Alexis for an exciting journey of exploration of the inner and outer terrain of who we truly are and who we can become once we connect to our resplendent hearts.

    Please check back often, as there are always new events going on.

    Or email me and join my mailing list for updates when new classes are being offered.

Contact: cell 832-309-4919 - EMail: alexis@alexisyoga.com